Who is Trevor?

A Band Named Trevor is the manifestation of six individuals from a variety of backgrounds and genres. A Blues band with a twist. Fronting ABNT is our own 'King & Queen Trevor' (Brett Hartley and KaseyMcKenzie). They deliver an astonishing vocal combination, ranging from the deep vocal style of Louis Armstrong to the Mezzo-Soprano from Kasey, powerful enough to give Janis Joplin a run for her money. 'Trevor-Axe' (Beggsy) on guitar, is an outstanding musician who plays loud & crazy intricate solos as well as smooth Slide. 'Blowin' Trevor, (Michael Slater) is an accomplished Jazz/Blues saxophonist, who landed in "TREVOR-LAND" from Nashville. He truly does add an edge to proceedings. In the power house on drums is 'Trevor-Stix' (Mark Brown) with the addition of 'Low-down-Trevor' (Tom Raw) on bass, they create Trevor’s heart beat.  A Band Named Trevor has Blues at its roots and a train ride through Country to Rock and back again (Once described as "BLUES TO GIVE YOU NIGHTMARES"). With a combination of unique vocals and guitar/saxophone versatility. This band has its very own sound bringing Blues into the 21st Century.   



Ruby L'otel - June 6th 

Bull & Bush - June 8th

Newcastle Blues Festival -  June 22nd

Bull & Bush - June 28th

Wagga Jazz & Blues festival - September 12th

Sydney Blues and Roots Festival -  October 26th  

Blues at the Bull - November 5th

Bull and Bush - December 4th


Blues at the Bull - April 5th 

Blues at the Bull - September 27th 

          Sydney Blues festival -  Hawkesbury Hotel Windsor -October 22nd

         Bull and Bush  -October 30th


        New Years Day - Blue Gum Cafe


         Australia Day - Bull & Bush


Quotes & Links

Glenn A Baker commenting at 'The Blues at The Bull' festival "The best blues sound I've heard in a long time" (28/6/2014)

They have a wicked blues sound that they describe as, "Blues to give you nightmares". (3/2/2014)


 Referring to 'Smoke Dog Music' in the Australian Charts ... "Well Deserved success to a great debut album. Keep Em Coming". John Lukasz 3wayfm radio. (11/8/2015) 

"Formidable and innovative guitar playing"... Bluesfire Italian Blues podcast by Bruno Pollacci II. (1/6/2015)

"What a great response to the one track I played from A Band Named Trevor" ... Irene R. Barrett - Drivin' Home With The Blues radio show (28/7/2015)

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