ABNT have been playing together for around almost 3 years now. The band was formed by Brownie the drummer, who was introduced to guitarist Beggsy at a open mike gig which Beggsy used to run at The Bull and Bush in Baulkham Hills Sydney. Vocalists -Brett and Kasey  are part of ‘Dirty Dicks theater group’ They travel around Australia performing in restaurants. Brett is a regular at The Bull and Bush and has known Beggsy for years. Brett introduced Kasey into the band. Michal Slater - saxophone,  is from Tennessee in the USA. He has only been in Australia for roughly the time the band has been together. Brownie found him online whilst looking for a Sax player to join the band. Bass player Tom Raw  has played with Brownie in three different bands. Originally from Yorkshire in the UK where he played in several rock and punk bands.All are now living around Sydney apart from Kasey who lives on the central coast.

Brett Hartley (Vocals)

DOB  31/10/1970

Whether you’re after a comedic entertainer, singer/guitarist, roaming minstrel, crazy street-performer, professional mc, DJ or any other character… Brett Hartley can and probably has done it!!! He has been a professional entertainer for nearly 20 years, and have also co-ordinated many small and large theatrical and musical productions. He has also produced and managed many other events, both private and corporate. For the past few years, Brett has been performing professionally for “Dirty Dick’s Theatre Restaurant”. This has involved travelling to many regional towns around Australia, as well as co-ordinating and directing many touring shows in Queensland, NSW & Victoria. Brett has stage managed and worked behind the scenes on many other events, such as World Youth day & The Sydney Olympics Opening/Closing Ceremony.

Kasey McKenzie (Vocals)

DOB 26/4/1986

Kasey started singing lessons in 1995 after months of singing non-stop around the house. She trained with Cheryl Lea-Ainsworth on the Central Coast of NSW where she learnt classical, pop and musical theatre techniques. 

Her love for the stage began when she played Marta in 'The Sound of Music' with Wyong Theatre Company in 1996 and the passion grew from there. Kasey went on to perform in 26 amateur theatre company musicals over the next 10 years. Her most memorable roles include Dorothy in' The Wizard of Oz', Miss Adelaide in 'Guys and Dolls', Nadia Naive in 'Dracula Spectacula', Annie in 'Annie' and Smitty' in 'How to Succeed in Business without really trying' for Gosford Musical Society and Gosford Musical Society Juniors, as well as Cyndi Gibson in 'Back to the 80's' for A Working Light Production and several ensemble roles.

Kasey moved to Melbourne in 2006 and studied Music Theatre at The Victorian College of the Arts and finished at the end of 2007, where she trained in acting, voice, and dance. 

In 2008 Kasey moved back to the Central Coast and played Helen of Troy in 'Paris' opposite Jon English at Laycock St Theatre (her old GMS stomping ground). She performed in 2009 and 2010 for The City of Stonnington, Victoria's children festival 'Roola Boola' in a musical theater based performance titled ' Some of our Favorite things' directed by Anthony Crowley. Kasey has also been performing with Dirty Dick's Theater Restaurant and always has a lot of fun.

 BEGGSY: ( Vocals / Guitar )

DOB 30/11/72

Beggsy has been playing lead guitar for over 20 years! His experience is too long to list, but one that stands out was the time he jammed with “Slash” (Guns n Roses), while he was lead guitarist for the popular Rock band, “Medicine Show”. He has since played the part of Angus in “Sin City” (The Top ACDC Tribute Band), as well as countless other Blues and Rock bands over the years. More recently, he was one-half of the Sydney – Based Duo, “Gasoline Alley”.

Michael Slater (Saxophone)

DOB 10/3/1986

Saxophonist Slater began crafting his art through years of attending classes, tutoring with distinguished musicians, performing in numerous bands, and teaching a wide range of students.

Slater rides the front wave of a new sound theory; currently researching the concept of guitar pedal effects on wind instruments. Mixing this science with his raw talent, Slater undeniably exposes a unique edge. This model is so innovative that the written piece has yet to contain guitar pedal effect elements.

 Now living in Sydney, Australia, Slater brings a sound most groups aren’t able to obtain. Born from a classical background, his musicianship gives direction to a wide variety of bands he’s been a member of, including, but not limited to marching bands, concert bands, saxophone quartets, and rock-and-roll groups.

An eccentric blues band A Band Named Trevor (ABNT) is one of Slater’s current group projects. The energetic ABNT brings a fusion of blues and rock to the stage while adding their own authentic flare. As an original member of the band, Slater along with five other members delivers a distinct experience at each live performance around the Sydney area. ABNT is involved with their first full-length, debut album, planning to come out in early 2015. 


Mark Brown (drums)

DOB 20/9/1961

Brownie started playing drums at 15 in a half arsed manner focusing on his working career rather than music and didn't have a kit of his own until 16. He played mostly in the garage pissing off his neighbors and played anything that sounded good but loved playing to The Eagles, Little Feet, Supertramp, Yes, Credence, INXS, Average White Band and Pavlov's Dog. He had a fine collection of bricks on the roof of the garage.

Brownie Played in a band called the Moonlighters for a while and then sold his Tama kit to buy a house at 22 and didn't play for 26 years. At 48 he bought an electric kit and played in Mr Malarkey, The Zebras, Stolen Holden, No Secrets before moving onto a Ludwig Vista lite kit and putting ABNT together.

ABNT came about because he wanted to play Blues songs with a Rock Edge and was inspired by Howlin’ Wolf, Junior Wells, Bo Diddley, Louis Jordan, Big Joe Turner, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Big Head Todd, Chasing The Train and Wilson/Diesel.

Tom Raw (Bass)

DOB 2/10/1959

Tom's first ever band was 'Eclipse' in North Yorkshire where he was the first and probably last ever person who played a giant stylophone in a band. Tom or "Tomski" as he was know, bought his Fender Precision Bass back in 1979 and used it in a punk/new wave band named Johann Muggins. He has been playing his trusty bass guitar ever since. He also played at the Stonehenge music festival of 1984, with the band Saigon. Hawkwind and Roy Harper where the headline acts.

Tom met Brownie at a North Rocks rugby club meeting. he introduced Brownie to The Zebras who were after a new drummer for the band. They played together in the Zebras and Mr Malarkey . In 2012 Brownie asked Tom to join ABNT and the rest is history.   


In Tibetan Monk practices, they meditate on an idea and bring it into reality called a Tulpa. It is said that the Tulpa takes on its own Identity and becomes an entity in its own right. In a documentary called ‘The Phillip experiment’ a group of people got together through meditation and created a story about a fictitious character they called Philip. Philip was contacted by a separate  group of people using a Ouija board who had been told he was real. They were reported to have asked questions on his history and were accurate to the history the mediators had made up. 

 So.. through music, a very powerful meditative medium,we have created Trevor and the more people who get into the music, the more power we give him and the more real he becomes.